If you have a piece of the 1950s Rolex, then its case is likely to be Dennison's. In 1905, the German Hans Wilsdorf and the British Alfred Davis co-founded the company to Switzerland Hermann Aegler movement imported to the United Kingdom, and then into the Dennison and other high-quality case, this is the Rolex initial form. Not just Rolex, when the company is not enough internal norms, such as Dennison specifically for the Swiss watch manufacturers to provide parts and components is a popular choice. Dennison received orders not only Rolex, as well as replica watches, Tudor, Jaeger-LeCoultre and the British Smiths watches and J.W. Benson orders. However, in 1965, production suddenly ended. Fifty years later, the British company is back, and as a watch business. It uses the ETA movement. But let's take a look at Dennison's history. In 1905, Franklin Dennison and his son Gilbert founded Dennison Watch Case Co. Ltd., but the company's history dates back to earlier. Founder Aaron Lufkin Dennison (1812-1895) was an American who later worked for Waltham in the United States for several decades, but for various reasons he left the nascent Waltham Company. He started his business in Zurich as an import movement. Until about 1874, he in Birmingham (Birmingham) found a manufacturing case company, the company is Dennison Watch Case Co. Ltd predecessor. In the Dennison family's efforts, the company quickly developed into Europe's largest case manufacturer, in addition to the company for the British military to provide services. To the 1920s, the company's annual output of 250,000 cases, and soon after, the company launched its own watch series. Watch the name "DENCO", equipped with Swiss-made movement. However, the company's director Arthur Dennison decided to stop production on the eve of World War II case, in turn for him to join the British Royal Air Force production of military equipment. Paris peace treaty soon after, the swiss replica watches company resumed production of the case, and and Omega, Rolex, Tudor signed a large contract. But one of the most famous case or Aquatite, a British watchmaker Smiths Watches and do the waterproof case. In the extreme temperature, humidity and impact, this case can provide comprehensive protection for the movement. In 1953, Edmund Hilary (Edmund Hilary) wearing a Dennison Aquatite case of Smiths watches successfully boarded the top of Mount Everest, the first time the human standing on top of the world, he also became the first world The peak of the people. A few months later, he wrote a letter to Smiths, Hillary wrote: "I put your watch to the top of the hill." The Dennison family is no longer a prominent British company, led by Toby Sutton, a ten-year-old man who steals the Dudson case. Few people know Dennison's name. Sutton is a director of replica watches of Knightsbridge, a London-based professional auction house that has been collecting Dennison watches for years, and he has enough watches to hold a small exhibit. In fact, a few weeks before Dennison released his new collection of watches, they did a show. In order to revive the brand, Sutton and Dennison wisely introduced a familiar design of former customers. The new DENCO53 inspiration from the 1950s is loaded watch, and antique Tudor Oysterdate amazing similar. In addition it is also an antique watch has been auctioned like, most of the features are the same, such as honeycomb-shaped dial, dagger-like time scale and at 6 o'clock, 9 o'clock, 12 o'clock Location of the Arabic numerals. Toffee pointer, case and bezel. Dennison launched a new watch diameter of 38 mm, this size can be said that the standard size of the dress watch. Internal ETA 2824-2 equipped with movement, dynamic storage 38 hours. Stainless steel case, leather strap. There are two models of watches, white dial model DENCO53, black dial model DENCO53E. DENCO53 price of 2,400 euros (about 17,300 yuan), DENCO53E price of 2,800 euros (about 20,000 yuan).