Men's Watch strap how long fit? There is no specific standard

Omega can be said to be the first implementation of international marketing and large advertising program pioneer, not only the history of its advertising Omega brand world-famous, but also affect the model of advertising watches. Today, the Omega ambassador family can be described as "family legend" - including Cindy Crawford, Pierce Brosnan, Michael Schumacher, Alexander Popov, Ennis. 1894 to 1914 early Omega ads are concentrated text-only products and Omega in international exhibitions such as the success of the Paris World Expo in 1990. Beginning in 1900, Omega hired graphic designers and painters to convey the image of the Omega advertising message; including the famous BelleEpoqne scanning painter PaulHelleu (1904), commercial designer Leonetto Capptello (1914) and René Gruau.20 to 30 years From then on, all ads are "message" -oriented, from the sports (the first piece of water watch), fashion and history to highlight the different areas of the replica watches uk fine tradition and sophisticated design. From 1927 to 1943, every ad was given the same slogan "OMEGA - the right time for life". It used the same technique of repeating the same message. 20's product catalog is more use of female models, to highlight the feminization of the rolex replica characteristics. 50 years 1948, Omega celebrate the 100th anniversary of the concept of a global advertising to strengthen its market "penetration." For this excellence symbol to create a "global recognition" image, unified international advertising theme, applied to each country level - such as the 1948 slogan "Omega, the world's trusted watch", the success of Omega to establish distinct Of the image; today in the distribution network is still "benefit." 90's Omega ambassador family into the 90's, Omega's advertising strategy to successfully shape the "Omega Ambassador family", every one of the "Omega Ambassadors" are in their fields of expertise in the international celebrity, they are not only self- Ambitious career, the choice of watches more unique perspective, and they are both Omega watches as their best choice - such as supermodel Cindy Crawford, actor Pierce Brosnan, the world's youngest Slam tennis champion Martina Hingis, Anna Kournikova, the world's fastest swimmer Alexander Popov, former America's Cup champion Dean Baker, top golfer Ennis , Formula One champion Michael Schumacher. Over the years, Omega organized a number of high-level and innovative international promotional activities - an unprecedented use of the Russian Mir space station, and astronauts in direct dialogue with the satellite to launch the first x-33 Mars watch. In 2002, replica watches to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the last human landing, in particular, to the human last landing on the moon US astronaut Eugene Cernan came to Beijing, and in the 5,000-year history of the Great Wall, driving a rover, feel From the most spectacular ancient buildings on the moon overlooking the wonderful feeling. In addition, the United States in New York, Washington Square, the highest point of the "one hole", in San Francisco to imitation cars and tram cars for "racing", all caused a sensation and concern.